Are you getting married?

We are delighted that you are considering us for your ceremony and want you to know what all is involved.

Holy Matrimony is a sacramental rite of the Episcopal Church. To get married at St. Timothy’s: either the bride or groom must be a baptized Christian, the ceremony must be attested by two witnesses, and conform to the laws of Ohio and Episcopal Church Canons. Not an Episcopalian? It is not necessary to be an Episcopalian to be married at St. Timothy’s. Episcopal canon law requires a minimum of 30 days between the initial consultation and the ceremony. Your premarital counseling, of course, would signify that much more time be allotted. If one or more persons is divorced, clergy must obtain permission from the Bishop of Ohio to perform the ceremony.

Couples planning to be married at St. Timothy’s, or at a location with our Rector, Rev. Sarah Shofstall, are required to attend premarital counseling with the Rector. There may be special circumstances, an off-site wedding, for example, where the couple may be counseled by an Episcopal clergy person in a different location; that can be discussed with the Rector during your initial visit.

Should you desire, our organist is available for music consultation.  We will ensure that the ceremony goes as smoothly as possible.

Still and video photography are permitted within certain parameters. Please discuss this during your visit(s) with the rector.

Please  contact our office at or call 419.874.5704