Giving Promise for St. Timothy’s 2023

Dear St. Tim's Family - 

What an extraordinary year it has been. After the retirement of Fr. Jeff Bunke in December of 2021, the Holy Spirit sent us The Rev. Sarah Shofstall and onto a whole new level. We are reframing our future at St. Timothy's in the most exciting ways.

St. Tim's has hired a new Choir Director, Ryan Wright, who has energized our choir and parish, since COVID time when we spent so much time apart.

Our building is now bright and fresh thanks to a interior white-wash on the brick and new furniture in the Nave and Entranceway creates a friendly gathering place. The outside has new paint and gutters and St. Tim's looks wonderful. 

The Parish Hall has a different layout creating conversation areas coffee house style.

Children have been welcomed back and are attending Sunday School and our parish enjoys worshipping online and in-person.

But first and foremost we have embarked on renewed and reimagined future for St. Tim's including a commercial kitchen, greatly expanded Clothesline that will be housed in the Rectory, and a pipe organ. Many more projects are in the works and you are a part of the Holy Spirit at work! Thank you for supporting St. Tim's!