Giving Promise for St. Timothy’s 2022

Dear St. Tim's Family - 

It has been an extraordinary year (and more) as we’ve journeyed through COVID-19 together - and we want to thank you, who, through the grace of God, made some remarkable accomplishments possible!   

Our parish life has continued – albeit in new and different ways – throughout these eighteen months of challenging opportunity.  Pledged income has remained stable, and two injections of funds through the Payroll Protection Plan permitted us to meet many new challenges of life with COVID.  Here are a few highlights of the journey through which God has led us in the current fiscal year.

  • Growth of a “virtual congregation,” reached through livestream, involving a team of faithful, dedicated system operators who juggle licensed broadcast software, camera feeds, and ‘chatting’ with Facebook viewers multiple times each week
  • Successfully offered our first on-line Annual Meeting
  • Honed our musical leadership skills in entirely new-to-us means - recording, editing and inserting music videos into the digital broadcasts, while
  • Simultaneously maintaining the integrity of ‘customary’ in-person worship on Sundays
  • Offered Wednesday evening and Thursday morning services of prayer & meditation
  • Maintained daily noonday prayers as an interactive worship experience via Zoom
  • Provided a virtual experience of BRIDGES | Episcopal Campus Ministry at BGSU
  • Participated (and provided leadership for ) the V-Project (interfaith community initiative to promote COVID vaccination)
  • Welcomed two Easter egg hunts to the rectory and courtyard lawns
  • Continued active participation with the Perrysburg Coalition for Inclusion and Social Justice, as well as the NW Ohio Immigration Reform Task Force
  • Enjoyed the “best-attended” (special) parish meeting in years as a hybrid offering – in-person in two rooms plus a substantial audience via Zoom
  • Continued the ongoing (and award-winning) St. Timothy’s Clothesline ministry
  • Hosted classes for teens that provide the training required to obtain driver’s licenses
  • Welcomed new households to the parish who found us through digital ministries/communications
  • Offered a wonderfully creative and attention-getting “Learning on the Lawn” series that drew the attention of passersby and sent participants home with special blessings
  • Hosted a second parking lot event for seniors – that was so popular that it snarled neighborhood traffic patterns (oops!)
  • Saw parishioners enjoy the “fruit of our labors” in the Planting for Tomorrow collaborative capital funds campaign as our households actively participated in events at Bellwether Farm such as summer harvest days and a Ukulele camp
  • By early fall, began to resume community offerings such as Senior Fitness, Guiding Pathways, Perrysburg Musical Theatre, the Perrysburg Chorale, and four self-help groups
  • Thursday morning Discussion Group and Parish Choir cautiously began to resume in-person, even as Sunday School at Home entered a new iteration in September, heir to the previous season’s popular “Kids’ Worship” series – including Epiphany, St. Patrick, Ash Wednesday, and Rogation for Kids
  • We helped lead the thirteen congregations of our Diocese’s West Mission Area in an adventure into collaborative formation offerings – culminating in September’s Mission Area confirmation celebration

All of these were made possible by you through special gifts and efforts, many over and above the operating budget and pledges. Wow!  Thanks be to God – and to you, God’s faithful servants.

St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church offers a warm, Christ-centered church home.  We welcome all, worship from a base of tradition and strive to grow into the communities we serve. We find strength in diversity, offer a progressive approach without sacrificing tradition, and are a giving, compassionate, and community-oriented family.  St. Tim’s is God’s work in progress.  God loves you – no exceptions!

How do we do this?  Through

  • Worship
  • Service/Outreach
  • Formation
  • Congregational Development/Evangelism
  • Fellowship
  • Properties/Buildings & Grounds
  • Communications
  • Finance, Administration & Stewardship

Therefore, your gifts to St. Timothy’s are not just a gift to the Church, but actually a gift through the Church.

We provide building space (utilities, maintenance, etc.), staff (clergy, program, clerical, cleaning, etc.), and resources to support a wide variety of ministries. 

When looking at all our offerings and opportunities, in 2021 our actual expenditures* have been divided this way:

29% ($52,800.00)  - Worship

Ministries supported include:  Altar Guild, Choir and Music, Flower Arrangers, Lectors, Entrance Hosts, Ushers, Livestream and Worship Technology (and as we emerge from COVID, music video production, Acolytes,  Lay Eucharistic Ministers, St. Tim’s Discovers, etc. will re-appear)

6%  ($19,909.25) –Formation (Discipleship)

Ministries supported include:  Adult Forum, Tuesday Lectionary Study, Thursday Discussion Group, Sunday School at Home, KidsChurch (video series), Confirmation preparation, Nursery

7%  ($23,107.50) –Service/Outreach

Ministries supported include:  St. Timothy’s Clothesline, Community Partnerships with Perrysburg Musical Theatre, Extreme Networking/Jobseekers, multiple 12-step groups, The Cocoon, Masters – Sylvania Driving School, Perrysburg Chorale, Social Services for the Arab Community, Guiding Pathways, Perrysburg Coalition for Inclusion & Social Justice, Chamber of Commerce, Collaboration with Diocesan, Ecumenical and Interfaith communities & projects

4%  ($12,487.75) –Fellowship

Ministries supported include:  Hospital and Pastoral Calls, Helping Hands, Coffee Hours, Receptions/Kitchen Support, Fellowship Events, (more to come as we emerge from COVID), Prayer Circles, emergency/crisis support and counsel

8%  ($27,031.25) – Congregational Development

Ministries supported include:  Parking Lot “Senior Drive-Thru” events, Blessing of the Animals, Learning on the Lawn, Social Media presence on Facebook, and Twitter, Communications (e.g., TWIST & website), Digital/Virtual communication technologies,

13% ($47,680.00) – Properties/Buildings & Grounds

Ministries supported include:  ongoing preventative maintenance and repairs to all church building facilities, memorial garden, and rectory; planning for and execution of major capital improvements, cleaning and upkeep, snow removal, lawncare and landscaping maintenance and renewal

33% ($12,915.00) – Finance, Administration & Stewardship

Ministries supported include: Administration/records-keeping, Office operations, Audit, Facility management and scheduling, Bookkeeping, Information Technology development and maintenance, Money Counters, Planned Giving, Policies, Human Relations & benefits management, reporting Stewardship: Fall Financial Campaign, Endowment/Investments, Capital Campaign *Figures represent estimated expenditures 2021, based on expenditures & budget year-to-date.  Dollar amounts are rounded to nearest dollar.

Thank you for your faithful support of Christ’s ministry through this parish! Yours in Christ, St. Timothy’s Stewardship Committee