Severe Weather Policy St. Timothy's Episcopal Church

Severe Weather Policy for St. Timothy’s Facility

Severe weather awareness is a necessity. Ohio is susceptible to severe weather and damaging storms. Whether its tornados, severe thunderstorms, snow or ice, stay informed and protect yourself against potential severe weather threats in your area.

*In the event of the cancellation of Sunday Services other than as set forth in this policy, congregation members will be notified by email via Breeze and on local TV stations.

*Services may be canceled due to inclement weather regardless of the Snow Emergency Level. The Wood County Sheriff is responsible for determining the level. Roads may be dangerous, even if not declared a snow level emergency.

In all cases of inclement weather, please be advised that our walkways and parking area may be slippery and/or snow covered and caution is always advised.

*In the Event of Level 3 Snow Emergency for Wood County
St. Timothy’s office, events, and services are canceled.

*Level 2 Snow Emergency
St. Timothy’s is open to all activities. Please exercise your judgement before driving in to keep yourself and passengers safe.

*Level 1 Snow Emergency

St. Timothy’s is open to all activities. Groups meeting at St. Tim’s must notify members if they choose to cancel their meeting.
Please take the time to confirm that your email contact information on Breeze is up-to-date. If you have not yet signed up for Breeze, please contact Diana in the office.

When possible, the office incoming telephone answering service also will offer relevant information.

Severe Weather Tornadoes

  • If you are in the building or on church property, go to the basement of the church and remain until the event is over. Basement steps are located off the hallway across from the Nave.
    Church Building Floor Plan.