Sunday Ministries December
November 1, 2019
From the Rector
November 26, 2019

Pastoral Care | The Saints in Light

The Saints in Light  | St. Tim’s has become all-too-familiar with “celebrations of life” (i.e., funerals) over the past year.  Most recently, we’ve bade farewell to long-time community and parish leaders, Clint Mauk and Peter White.  They join this year’s roll of Denis Breniser, Bob Campbell, Pat Mauk, John Dohr, Helen Evanoff, Ralph Lange,  Jim Litwin, Karen Poole, Marty Schultz, Eric Tudor, Regina Young, Betty Whittier, Paul Tait, and Ann Dana.  It is a great privilege to walk the mourners’ path with families and friends of our beloved – and to provide a safe and gracious space to laugh through tears and cry through laughter together.   Thank you to all who have supported our efforts to enfold our guests (and one another) in God’s love.

Currently “shut in” among us (consider a call, card and visit as holidays roll by – and even better, adopt one or more of these persons for ongoing TLC in 2020): Nancy Mills (Hospice NW Ohio, Perrysburg), Fritz Wolfe (Kingston), Charlie  Dana (Chicagoland),  Suzanne Guinevere, Doug and Jeannine Willis (Kingston), Pat Cameron, Barbara Wood (Otterbein, Pemberville), Joe Mason (ProMedica Rehab at Flower).

Prayer Circles | Three prayer circles interlock to provide “prayer coverage” of your prayer requests.  If/when you have need for prayer – illness, thanksgiving, decision, change, etc. – contact any of these “circle facilitators” to initiate prayer:  Diane Kleeberger, Diana Kiser (office), MaryJane Anderson, Kay Bunke.  All consider it a privilege to offer prayer – and need only the details you choose to share to get busy (“Mary” or “John in need of prayer” is sufficient; God can, and will, figure it out!).