November 26, 2019

2020 Budget Status

In a short piece for the TWIST of 11/21/2018 I highlighted the challenges of achieving the targets the Vestry had proposed for the 2020 Budget and requested consideration on the part of all parishioners to increase their pledge for the upcoming year.  I wanted to take this opportunity in Tidings to expand on the matter a bit more, believing that more communication is better.  For those not familiar with my background, I retired in 2015 having spent more than 40 years in Healthcare Administration, many of those years working with financially distressed not-for-profit institutions.  So, tough financial times for an organization is not a unique scenario for me. I have also faced a similar situation in the last parish Bonnie […]
October 31, 2019

Vestry Meeting Highlights

Fall working retreat (October 12, 2019) Received Emergency Preparedness Plan (three years in development by committee composed of Allison Fisher, Mike Foster and Ruth Hancock) and committee recommendations Reviewed means of information delivery found effective (in general), then applied to a review of parish communication vehicles currently in use, their impact on staff time, and effectiveness as perceived through comments/reviews of parishioners (and staff); recommendation presented to transition to all-digital communication tools, with exception of Sunday bulletins & announcement sheet, effective January 1, 2020 Entered conversation with consultant from Episcopal Church Foundation via teleconference pursuant addressing next list of capital needs Brainstormed list of potential vestry nominees for vestry class of 2023 Jeff reviewed encouraging parish activities in the community […]