November 29, 2019

Sacred Ground

We’re now taking names for the next dialogue circle.  “One of the best curriculum’s I have ever experienced” (Fr. Jeff), Sacred Ground is a race dialogue series designed for these times.  It is an attempt to be responsive to the profound challenges that currently exist in our society.  It is focused on the challenges that swirl around issues of race and racism, as well as the difficult but respectful and transformative dialogue we need to have with each other about them.  It invites participants to walk back through history in order to peel away the layers that brought us to today, and to do so in a personal way, reflecting on family histories and stories, as well as important narratives […]
November 27, 2019
Bowling Green State University, Ohio

BRIDGES | Episcopal Campus Ministry at BGSU

BRIDGES will hold its last session of the academic term and calendar year on December 5.  Thanks are due all who have supported this ministry with prayers, donations (of food, time, talent and prayer), and presence.  While a bit slow hitting our stride this year, each week has brought together students, faculty and members of both St. John’s, Bowling Green and St. Timothy’s.  BRIDGES will be in recess until winter term begins at the end of January 2020.  
November 27, 2019

Perrysburg Coalition of Inclusion and Justice

The Coalition is pulling together a “community viewing” of the new film Just Mercy (to be at Levis Commons over the holidays) – encouraging post-show informal conversations as well as sponsoring a community panel discussion in the weeks immediately following the viewing.  Consider adding the book from which this movie springs to your Christmas wish list – and joining others as we seek to become a more welcoming and diverse community.  More details will be announced/posted on the Coalition’s Facebook page please provide hyperlink and other local media.
November 26, 2019

Clothesline Holiday Hours

The Clothesline’s last shopping day of 2019 will be December 20, reopening for shoppers on January 3, 2020.  A Christmas breakfast will be offered during shopping hours on the 13. Even though shoppers won’t be on premises, the donations keep pouring in – particularly as Christmas gift recipients purge their closets and drawers to make room for items received as gifts.  Contact Nan Myers to offer your much-needed and appreciated time and labor in tackling the inevitable mountain of donations that will need to be handled, sorted, and displayed over the holidays.  
November 26, 2019

Mobile Clothesline

Thoughts from a Volunteer My first time volunteering for the Mobile Clothesline was on November 9th.  We were preparing to begin distributing clothing and personal products when I noticed a little girl about 4 years old.  She had on a winter coat, but summer sandals that were too small, no socks, no mittens, and no hat. The temperature was 32 degrees and she was shivering while standing in line in a cold parking lot.  I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, as I searched through the donations and found a pair of pretty pink boots in just her size. The rule for distribution is that after everyone has gone through the line, if there are items remaining, people […]
November 26, 2019

Louisiana House 2019 – Thanksgiving with our friends at Louisiana House

Saturday, November 16 St. Timothy’s  began our ministry with the residents of Louisiana House over 25 years ago. Turkey and all the fixings are shared with love and laughter. Thank you to everyone who participates in making the holiday brighter for these seniors. A few photos of our friends…