October 27, 2020

“I can avow that I will no longer remain silent and, in fact, have had the opportunity to feel emboldened enough to confront an individual expressing racist viewpoints. A journey begins with a single step.”

Reflections on My Participation in Sacred Ground by Rick Volkmer I view my participation in Sacred Ground as a moral obligation and a timely opportunity for personal growth. Having been witness to racist comments and/or behaviors, and believing that one’s failure to act demonstrates complicity or silent approval, I’ve been ashamed of myself. I have also been angered by certain decisions made by our government that I view to be either racially motivated or racially insensitive. Additionally, I’ve been frustrated by comments and support certain religious leaders have made regarding those actions or their failure to respond to them at all. Having heard favorable comments from others who have participated in Sacred Ground, I decided that the time was long […]