St. Tim's Discovers

 St. Tim's Discovers Series Bringing Classical Music and More to the Community Through the Church. Each performance is free and pen to the public.



The 2017-2018 Season Preview:

It's still a bit early to offer a full run-down and schedule of new season concerts, but these artists and events are in varying stages of negotiations:

The Academy Brass (October)

An Afternoon of Mello Jazz with Mark Lemle (sax) and Eric Dickey

Cheryl Babb and Friends do Broadway (again!)

The Zin Quartet

Michael Gartz (hopefully in tandem with Andrew Pelletier for a "Horns and Pipes" concert)



The Discovers Board


St. Tim's Discovers is governed by a working board of directors who pull together to "grow" the ministry, seek out performing artists, publicize events, provide stage and house management as well as hospitality for concerts (and artists), and raise funds to cover artist honoraria, costs of advertising, copyright permissions, etc. While it's not a "attend one meeting/conference call a year" type of gig, nor is board service noisome or burdensome. If you have a passion for music and using this gift of God to reach into our community, please consider approaching Fr. Jeff, Karen Smith, Bill Davis or Doug Neckers to make further inquiry about board nomination.





St.Tim's Discovers, St. Timothy's Episcopal Church




St. Tim's Discovers is a music series authorized by the vestry of St. Timothy's Episcopal Church. Its goal is to present local soloists and ensembles, particularly young musicians in the greater Toledo area. The context of St. Tim's Discovers is the church with most of the programs reflecting the traditions of Christian worship. Please watch the St. Timothy Tidings or the St. Tim's Discovers webpage for announcements.


The St. Tim's Discovers Executive Committee: Doug Neckers (chair emeritus), Mary Jane Anderson, Cheryl Babb, Jeff Bunke (acting chair), Ann Corrigan, Bill and Pam Davis, Michael Gartz, Roger Greive, Nancy Lendrim, Doug Mead, Sue Neckers, Joe Sharp and Karen Smith