Membership Classes

A dozen plus persons (candidates and veterans returning to serve as mentor/sponsors) have begun a six-session exploration of the Christian faith that will culminate on Palm Sunday as Bishop Mark Hollingsworth comes among us to confirm and receive persons making public reaffirmation of the faith.  Among our cadre are two teens, one “empty-nest” couple new to St. Timothy’s since fall, a pair of young parents coming to us from the Roman Catholic & Orthodox communions, another young mother, and a couple who have been part of the St. Timothy’s family for several years. Room remains for more takers – persons seeking confirmation, long timers seeking a brush-up on basics of the Christian faith walk, or others who are simply curious. Each session includes a primary subject exploration and an optional 45-minute “enrichment opportunity.”  Contact Fr. Jeff for further information.


For more information, please read the following:

Introduction to the Book of Common Prayer

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