Wednesday Lenten Series – Tolerance and Acceptance: You are not Alone!

In line with the Presiding Bishop’s “Becoming the Beloved Community” initiative, this year’s Midweek Lenten Special will explore the sacred ground of tolerance & acceptance, each week pausing to examine the various “lenses” through which we view the diverse people in our world.  Marvin Whitefield (who offers diversity training for Perrysburg School personnel, among many others) will help us begin this journey on March 13th.  Succeeding Wednesdays will bring presenters who offer lenses on and from the LGBTQ? Communities, various races, and differing abilities. To make the evening more family-with-children-friendly, we’re pushing supper up to 5:30 pm (sign up weekly to bring soup, salad or bread), offering nursery/child care, program at 6:00 pm, and worship (for those who choose to remain) at 7:00 pm.

Go to Harvard (on the Maumee)

Prepare for the Lenten Study series:  Computer Labs, March 3 and March 10 – Bring your laptop or iPad/notepad that connect to the internet.  Join a small team of techies in the Parish Hall between services or during coffee hour each of these two Sundays.  You’ll be routed to an amazing tool developed at Harvard:  the Implicit Association Test.  Your experiences with the IAT will serve as the launch pad for Marvin Whitefield’s first session with us on March 13.  Even if you don’t join the series, these tests are worth pondering.  If you don’t have a laptop, several will already be available in the parish hall for you to use.

Forward Movement’s Lenten Calendar

“Join the Journey through Lent”, illustrated by award-winning cartoonist Jay Sidebotham, invites spiritual reflection and is a wonderful companion for the Lenten season. The 17″ x 22″ size is just right for hanging on the wall or keeping on a table for daily coloring.  Copies are available from the table in St. Tim’s entrance foyer (suggested donation, $1)

Diocese of Ohio – Daily Devotions

Daily meditations, penned by members of our diocesan clergy, will be posted on Facebook (Diocese of Ohio) and sent to email boxes of all who have signed up to receive Diocesan Communications ( ) .  Limited to 100 words per day, each is based on a word from the Ash Wednesday invitation to the Lenten observance.