In Christianity, fellowship refers to individual Christians who are in communion with each other, which is the bond that unites us with each other and Jesus Christ. We celebrate fellowship in a variety of manners at St. Timothy’s including Dinners for 8; Advent Workshop, Trips to the Toledo Museum of Art, and much more! Contact the office at office@saint-timothy.net or call 419.874.5704 for more information.

Thursday Morning Discussion Group

7:30 Thursdays in the Library

The Thursday Morning Discussion Group is a diverse band of faithful men and women from St. Timothy’s and the community who gather weekly on Thursday morning to learn about themselves, one another, and their place in God’s world. This group incorporates regular grumpy old men, guest speakers, book readings, shared opinions, and open dialogue. There are no dues, elections, or leaders. Your responsibilities as a member include having an opinion, buying an occasional dozen doughnuts, and respecting everyone’s opinion and their right to state it. All gentlemen, regardless of church affiliation or religious conviction are invited, encouraged, and welcomed. Contact the office at office@saint-timothy.net or call 419.874.5704 for more information