The vestry is responsible for the prudential affairs of the church including parish property, business matters, and the selection and support, with consent of the Bishop and senior clergy person according to the canons of the Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Ohio.

The vestry is comprised of ten representatives, elected for staggered three-year terms, and one youth representative elected for a one-year term. The senior warden, junior warden, and warden-in-training is elected from within the vestry and serve one-year terms. The treasurer is elected from within the congregation for a one-year term. Elections take place at the annual meeting held each January.

Vestry Members

Joe Ferguson – Senior Warden
Trina Secor – Junior Warden and Personnel
Pete Fitzpatrick – Warden-in-training/Clerk
Katie Ranck – Christian Formation
Ruth Hancock – Evangelism and Incorporation
Susan Winters- Fellowship
Susan Nelson – Finance, Administration, and Stewardship
Joan VanGunten- Outreach and Collaboration
Denis Ciaciuch – Property, Grounds, and Buildings
Dick Leichtamer- Worship

Officers to the Vestry

Phil Schmidt – Chancellor
Maryjane Getz- Treasurer
Jeff Day – Assistant Treasurer
Trina Secor- Junior Warden and Personnel