Mission Areas                                                                                                "The congregations in the Diocese of Ohio are organized into 8 Mission Areas. The purpose of the Mission Areas is to assist in communication, to share programs and resources, to provide mutual support among congregations, and to identify and implement opportunities for collaborative ministry.

Each Mission Area operates with a Mission Area Council comprised of all active parochial clergy and two laypersons from each parish.  Additionally, the Bishop appoints a Dean who serves as a liaison between the bishop and the Mission Area Council.  The Mission Area Episcopal Church Women President also serves on the Mission Area Council as an ex-officio member.

Meeting at least quarterly, the Mission Area Council provides leadership by nurturing fellowship and collaboration among the parishes. The Mission Area Council also participates in the larger body of the church by electing a representative to serve on Diocesan Council." St. Timothy's is part of the West Mission Area Council.

West Mission Area Resources

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West Mission Area Council

Council Chair: 

Vice Chair: The Rev. John Dryman

Dean: The Rev. Jeff Bunke (St. Timothy's, Perrysburg)

Representative to Diocesan Council: 

ECW President: Lois Lafountain 

Secretary: Lois Lafountain 

Treasurer: The Rev. Paul Board

Bowling Green, OH - St. John the Baptist

Lay Representative: Pat Patton, Carol Heckman

Defiance, OH - Grace

Lay Representatives: Cindy Shaffer, Richard Shaffer, Steve Lee

Findlay, OH - Trinity

Clergy: The Rev. John Dryman

Lay Representative: Gloria Wolph, Dave Unkefer

Maumee, OH - St. Paul's

Clergy: The Rev. Dr. J. Paul Board

Lay Representative:Carl Fayerweather

Napoleon,OH -  St. John the Evangelist

Lay Representative: Patricia Dominque, Jill Sonick


Oregon, OH -  St. Paul's

Clergy: The Rev. Julie Beiteschees

Lay Representatives: John Trendell, Kathy Gaul

Perrysburg, OH - St. Timothy's

Clergy: The Rev. Jeff Bunke

Lay Representatives: Hope Jarvis, Allison Fisher

Sidney, OH - St. Mark's

Lay Representatives: Clara Leigh, Martha Thomas

Toledo, All Saints

Lay Representatives: Mary Whiten, Mary Jones, Chuck Roberts

Toledo, OH -  St. Andrew's

Clergy: The Rev. Bridget Coffey

Lay Representatives: Erica Hesselbach

Toledo, OH - St. Matthew's

Lay Representatives: Dr. Leonard Greninger, Kathy Jorgensen

Toledo, OH - St. Michael's-in-the-Hills

Lay Representatives: David Braun, Sarah Schendel, Lois LaFountain

Toledo, OH - Trinity Church

Clergy: The Rev. Lisa Tucker-Gray

Lay Representatives: Gary Franklin, Pat Squire