West Mission Area – Diocese of Ohio

The West Mission Area – “The congregations in the Diocese of Ohio are organized into 8 Mission Areas. The purpose of the Mission Areas is to assist in communication, to share programs and resources, to provide mutual support among congregations, and to identify and implement opportunities for collaborative ministry.

Each Mission Area operates with a Mission Area Council comprised of all active parochial clergy and two laypersons from each parish.  Additionally, the Bishop appoints a Dean who serves as a liaison between the bishop and the Mission Area Council. Fr. Jeff Bunke, rector of St. Timothy’s, currently serves as the Dean of the West Mission Area.  The Mission Area Episcopal Church Women President also serves on the Mission Area Council as an ex-officio member.

Meeting at least quarterly, the Mission Area Council provides leadership by nurturing fellowship and collaboration among the parishes. The Mission Area Council also participates in the larger body of the church by electing a representative to serve on Diocesan Council.” St. Timothy’s is part of the West Mission Area Council.  Parishes by Mission Areas

Mission Areas- Diocese of Ohio

West Mission area,St Timothys Episcopal Church, Perrysburg, Church,