Committees and Guilds

Our Committees and Guilds at St. Timothy’s are an integral part of our community and welcome you to join in!   We have a many groups that carrying out the mission of our church. Below is a list of the group and the contact person.


Acolytes: Fr. Jeff, (Allison Fisher, scheduler)

Advent Workshop/Service Sunday: Hope Jarvis

Altar Guild: Judy Snyder

Ashes to Go: Fr. Jeff

Audio/Visual: Fr. Jeff

Capital Funds/Planting For Tomorrow: Fr. Jeff

Capital Projects: Steve Weiser

Choir/Vocal Music: Ann Corrigan

Christian Education/Formation: Katie Ranck, Vestry Liaison

Clothesline: All Volunteers

Cocoon Shelter: open

Coffee Hour, 10:00 AM: Rick and Terry Hoff

Coffee Hour, 8:00 AM: Penny Campbell, Dave Kleeberger

Collaborative Parish: Fr. Jeff

Communications: George Winters, Vestry Liaison

Communion Enrichment: Fr. Jeff

Confirmation Preparation: Fr. Jeff

Contributions/pledges: Kelsey Hartford (bookkeeper)

Designated Visitors (Communion) Fr. Jeff

Disaster Readiness Planning: Allison Fisher, Mike Foster, Ruth Hancock

Endowment Phil Smith, Sr. Warden; Jeff Day

Evangelism (Cong’l Dev’t): George Winters, Vestry Liaison

Fellowship Committee: Dottie Wilkerson, Vestry Liaison

Finance & Administration: Susan Nelson, Vestry Liaison

Flower Guild: Mary Tudor, Polly White

Greeters: Allison Fisher (Scheduler)

Helping Hands: Penny Campbell, contact

Instrumental Music: Michael Gartz

Inventory: Allison Fisher, Mike Foster, Ruth Hancock

IT: Diana Kiser, George Winters

Lay Eucharistic Ministers: Fr. Jeff, (Allison Fisher, scheduler)

Lay Eucharistic Visitors: Fr. Jeff

Lectors: Allison Fisher, scheduler

Louisiana House T’giving Dinner: tba

Martha’s Kitchen Rick & Terry Hoff

Memorial Garden: Parish Office

Mission Trips (Youth & Adult): Fr. Jeff

Mitten Mission: Joan Morton

Nursery: Ruth Hancock (Scheduler)

Outreach Committee: Mary Ann Mead, Vestry Liaison

Perrysburg Christians United (PCU): Ron Dielman

Policies & Procedures: Susan Nelson, Vestry Liaison

Prayer Chain: Diane Kleeberger

Properties/Buildings & Grounds: Denis Ciaciuch, Vestry Liaison

Scheduling Building/rooms: Diana Kiser,Fr. Jeff

Senior Tea: Ginger Brown

St. Tim’s Discovers: Karen Smith

Strategic Plan (Parish): Phil Smith, Sr. Warden

Sunday announcements & prayers: Fr. Jeff

Sunday School (Adult): Fr. Jeff

Sunday School (children): Ruth Hancock, Coordinator

Sunday worship bulletin: Diana Kiser

Thursday Morning Discussion Group: Joe Ferguson

Tidings (newsletter): Diana Kiser

Treasurer: Becky Fitzpatrick, Treasurer

Tuesday Bible Study: Fr. Jeff

TWIST (e-news): Fr. Jeff

Ushers: (Allison Fisher, scheduler)

Website: Diana Kiser

Weekday Education: Fr. Jeff

West Mission Area: Hope Jarvis

Worship Committee: Joan VanGunten, Dick Leichtamer, Vestry Liaison

Youth Group: open


Affiliated Groups/Ministries

Perrysburg Chorale: Dennis Blubaugh

Perrysburg Musical Theatre

Services at Swan Creek: Fr. Jeff

Services at St. Clare: Fr. Jeff

Wassaileers: Bill Davis

HarpFest: Nancy Lendrim

Diocesan Committee Members

Episcopal Community Services: Fr. Jeff

Commission on Global & Domestic Mission: Natalie Dielman